Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The multi-purpose chemical lace fabric

Fedup of common fabrics and laces? Want to try something new? You should check out chemical lace. It’s actually an African Nigerian style lace. The fabric that’s embroidery  chemical guipure cord lace fabric is vastly used for wedding dresses in African countries. But the fabric has now grabbed the attention of the international customers.

The fabric is very tidy and soft and available at a reasonable price. So dress makers are using it for parties and bridal dresses worldwide particularly in Europe and Asia. If you are one of those who is fond of using embroidery handmade lace fabric, you should give this chemical lace a try too. As it’s machine made , that’s why the neatness and accuracy is 100% in it.

There is so much variety available in chemical lace fabrics in terms of colors and design.But most of the people like classic style chemical lace. Due to it’s net type or see through nature mostly it’s used for patching in dresses. A chemical lace patch can bring new dimensions to an ordinary dress. That’s why usage of this lace has exceeded the expectation.

A few dress designers are using chemical lace fabric to design panty, bra and lingeries. Mind you, these undergarments are considered the sexiest ones. Due to it’s see through material the fabric makes it easy for the undergarment designers to create adorable undergarments.

And in case you are living in African country you must have worn or you might have seen bridal dresses made from chemical lace fabric. Nigerians love this fabric. And now the love for this fabric has reached in all parts of the world. Even big brands are using chemical lace fabric to touch up their branded dresses styles.


What’s about you? Have you tried chemical lace fabric yet? If not, we strongly recommend you to.

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