Friday, January 29, 2021

Giving your home a fresh greenish look

Greenery is the best thing our eyes can see. If you have a habit of looking at greenish plants for some minutes daily, your eyes, your mind and your mood will get fresh up. Eye specialists suggest that for eye health, family physicians suggest greenery for a relaxed mind and our overall mood gets better when we spend time with the green plants.


But there is a catch here. We are living in the metro, and greenery is only available in a couple of parks and around jogging tracks in large cities. And we don't have time to go to parks or visit running tracks daily. And what’s the need to go jogging outside when we treadmills at home? That’s how life has become in this modern era.


So what to do? How can we bring greenery back to our life with no or little cost (as nobody would be willing to spend hundreds of bucks on such things). Go for artificial plants. There is a large variety available nowadays at affordable prices. Artificial plants that include flowers, leaves, ivy vines, even small trees can add a fresh greenish look to your home. These are so cheap that you turn your house into a garden or a jungle kind of look spending a few hundred dollars.


And in case you want some greenery around your courtyard, window or corridors, you can buy different types of leaves and ivy vines and place them there to freshen your eyes and mind every now and then. And if you have a treadmill at home and you are running on that, I would suggest you decorate the area around that with artificial plants as well. You will feel you are jogging on a jogging track in some park.


And in the current COVID-19 scenario when you have to stay at home, such decoration in your home is compulsory else you will get into psychological issues. These artificial tree, leaves and flowers will keep you fresh, close to the nature and active.

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